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Homework Help: What does this notation mean?

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    I encountered this notation in my PDE studies, but I was confused by what it meant. What does the notation Div with an arrow on top (of the word) mean? I figured meant the divergence of something...but am curious about its exact meaning.
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    The divergence operator in Cartesian coordinates is
    [tex] {\vec \nabla} = {\hat i} {\partial \over \partial x} + {\hat j} {\partial \over \partial y}+{\hat k} {\partial \over \partial z} [/tex]
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    so [tex]div \rightharpoonup [/tex] = [tex]{\vec \nabla} [/tex] right?
    hmm, makes sense. Thanks!
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    Yes- since div f is a vector-valued function, many (but not all) texts use
    [tex]{\vec \nabla} [/tex]
    to represent it. Other texts use just [itex]\nabla[/itex].
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