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What does this notation mean?

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    Hey dudes, I'm trying to understand the proofs about IVPs in the appendix of my differential equations book but I can't understand this notation that says c = min {a, b/M}.

    What is that notation supposed to mean? I'm guessing that it stands for minimum value between a and b/m. (a is associated with the x axis and b/M is associated with the y axis based on the picture of the graph in the book) I'm just beginning to study real analysis so I haven't seen this notation yet.
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    Yes it just means to take the minimum value between a and b/M.

    In general x = min{y1,y2,y3,...,yn} means to take the minimum value from the set {y1,y2,y3,...,yn}.
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    "min S" is the element of S that is less than every other element -- it's minimum.

    (the domain of "min" consists only of those ordered sets with a minimum. In other words, if S doesn't have a minimum, then "min S" is undefined)
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