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What does this typedef line

  1. Oct 24, 2008 #1
    first i create this structure :

    Code (Text):

    struct album {
      char *name;
      char *artist;
      int numTracks;
    if i want my variables not to be global
    i can write this inside main:

    struct album CD1, CD2, CD3;

    typedef struct album Album;

    ... then inside main:

    Album CD1, CD2, CD3;

    i cant understand this last part regarding where to write the typedef line

    and what is the role of type of typedef?
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    typedef allows you to use different identifiers to reference data types.

    Code (Text):

    typedef unsigned short USHORT
    typedef unsigned long  ULONG
    typedef unsigned int    UINT

    int main()
        USHORT myShort = 5;
        ULONG   myLong = 10;
        UINT     sum = myShort+myLong;
        return 0;
    typedefs should be used before the procedure definitions.
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