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What eng?

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    what eng???

    Hey im from Australia, and im second year doin science gonna major in maths(possible applied or whatever will help me most with the engineering i pick), and i was wondering what eng masters i should do? I liked civil but i heard theres not much maths involved. i wouldnt mind doin mechanical or possibly electrical. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what area has the most maths, and also i wanna continue physics, and cant decide between electromag nd optics or quantum and thermal or thermal nd classical physics, what will help me the most?

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    Re: what eng???

    Ey dw 1st here year choosing 2nd year subjects, yours sound identical to mine (Uni of Melbourne)

    Anyways yes mechanical and electrical both involve a fair bit of maths/physics

    However apparently the physics is alot tougher in electrical engineering, maths is ~the same ive been told, i know with my course (mechanical/electrical) we do the same math for both, but different physics in later years. This is going by what the lectures and course advisers have said hope it helps even though you may be at a different uni

    Cheers Trent
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    Re: what eng???

    As I understand the mathematics and overall rigor of electrical engineering is far superior to that of mechanical engineering. I've heard electrical and aeronautical are the most difficult.
    My uncle has leadership position as a designer of one of the cpus over at intel, and he was telling me of the required for the job; it is equivalent to what a math major needs to graduate, if not more. In contrast, I was speaking to my friend majoring in mechanical, and he was telling me that he needed very little math. Just some vector calculus and ODE and maybe something else. I bet they teach more in the physics courses.
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    Re: what eng???

    Sorry I meant I was first year deciding on second year subjects, and yes trent im uni of melb hoping to do the 3+3(science major in maths, then master in eng), but as iv seen the course advisors a few times, i found there pretty hopeless. Thanks trent and zoner, it looks like mechanical or electrical, which gives me a semester more to decide. Also i dunno what physics i should take, electromagnetism nd optics or thermal and classical physics, which one will be more related to mechanical nd electrical eng, im assuming quantum mechanics is least relevant?
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    Re: what eng???

    yea well i went with classical and fiuld mechanics for something different in 2nd semester, Dont worry i found the same, i found it best to talk to dome of the 4th year eng students from their experience in mechanical and electrical. They said not to worry much about 2nd year, 3rd is when we start being specific. This is because of the new model EE and BS can switch for the first 2 years :( that they arnt specific

    Im hoping for mechanical than master in meckatronics 4+2 model wait and c how i go lolz

    Cheers Trent (may c u around electrical and mechanical have the same 2nd year core)
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    Re: what eng???

    Quantum would probably come in handy for electrical but not for mechanical. Most circuits run on quantum principles.

    I'm also trying to decide on an engineering branch. Right now, I'm headed for chemical which I'm told is a mix of all other engineering branches with some ability to manage and multitask thrown in. Apparently, electrical has the toughest maths on account of its heavy use of complex numbers and lots of control theory, followed closely by aero and chemical. Aero because of the tonnes of physics and fluids. Chemical because of the process control and pde's for mass and heat transfer and also because you have to be good at a very broad base of knowledge. Mecheng is supposed to be the jack of all trades. Civil engineers have the easiest time, I'm told.

    Ah, more australian engineers. But pffft... all melbourne peeps.
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