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What equation help ?

  1. Oct 9, 2009 #1
    I am a mechanical builder planning to build a structure around the spillway of a dam. I know the average flow rate of the water going over the spillway. What I want to figure out is how much force or pressure will the water apply to the structure in its normal flow condition and in a flood condition. Is this Bernoulli's equation or is there a better formula to use ?

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    As a first approximation, water pressure is height times density....lateral movement would not seem to make much difference...for example the pressure of six feet of water would seem fairly constant...however, it would seem that friction/wear would be a major concern as would any change in direction/momentum as the water picks up speed....and as the spillway changes shape, inclination angle,etc changes.

    My guess, without knowing just what you are trying to do, is that this kind of problem is very complex, has likely been modelled and field tested over the years....Hoover dam, for example, was not a "hit or miss" construction effort....
    good luck...
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