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Medical What evidence do we have that everything in our memory is stored?

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    what evidence do we have that everything in our memory is stored?
    and what evidence do we have against it?
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    Based on the number of things I've forgotten in my life, I'd say there's ample evidence that not everything is stored. Is that what you're asking? Or are you asking about the manner in which memories are "stored?" I'm not entirely clear on what you mean by your question.
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    from a cognitive aspect.

    well the fact that you can remember certain events in your life(some people have vivid imageries of exact scenarios...that others, relatives can recall) shows that some information is stored without identical input from your life...as for abstract knowledge..when a student is able to regurgitate a formula givenn some type of cue(like asking what is a manifold) that is another example..also biology students able to repeat certain passages froma text or analyze a chart.
    Or even philosophers or geeks who can quote books and movies on end.

    As well as languages themselves. Or even in sports people like reggie miller who imagines his shot before he takes it(or so he says)

    As for evidence against...what moonbear said should suffice...you can't remember everything after all.

    The key is the time parameter...I can remember falling off my bike when i was 6-7 but then i have (sorry i can't remember the term) reoccuring cues, the scab on my knee and the fact that i live near my old appt. But i remmeber vividly what happen...I was going down really fast on my tricycle(i was 6) and my sister yells break, though i can't remmeber in waht language and i break real hard and flip. As to how i flipped it'd be a long passage so i won't write it.

    So if your quesiton is how much can one person remembesr...i think thats still up for debate...but is info really stored ...the answer would be YES. As to how it is stored whether by single cells or a fluid motion of signals...only a neuroscientsit could answer that one(moonbear "hint hint"...nuts no emotican in quick post). But as a AI/ALife approach i believe it should be the flow of signals however i could be wrong since in current research its usually single cells storing specfic patterns.

    Anyways i hope that clarifies somestuff.
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    Wow, that sounds like a really good deal. But I think I have a better one. How about.. I give you the finger (^).. and you give me my phone call?


    This is just some idea, from what I know, might be wrong..

    Possibly, some memories have an excitation in the brain in which a huge branches building on other branches in a tree like manner are created. As time fades away the branches start dying and falling off until they get to the stump. Once the stump is gone then the memory is gone. It's called deterioration.
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    My take on this is that you are asking if memories are stored in our mind like a hard drive or if its something else.

    I came across an interesting idea the other day. It said that pre-cognition and memories are events taking place in parallel universes, of the parallel you. Well if you dont like the term parallel universe, perhaps the term worldline will suffice. imagine there are an infinite number of worldlines, each with its own measure of divergence. So in this worldline, i am good, perhaps in a nother one i am "bad." It all measures out though, if there are an infinite number of worldlines, there are good, bad, and everything pseudo.

    So reggie miller picturing the shot before its taken, could actually be him having a communication of sorts with himself having already taken the shot in another worldline. Same with the past, it could be yourself trying to communicate with yourself.
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