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What exactly are electrogravitics?

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    what exactly are electrogravitics?
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    A new word.
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    Oo, oo, my go!

    What exactly is quantasmutation?
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    Did a quick websearch. It seems 'electrogravitics' is a general term applied to 'anti-gravity' devices (they probably proove GM wrong or something). Anywho, it's clear to see they just employ electrostatics to essentially repel a charged object from a high tension supply of some description.
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    don't pay any attention to such words...it is rubbish that has never been proven...i am sure this is another Podkletnov-invention

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    IndustriaL, do you want to defy gravity? Just stand up. It's amazing how your head doesn't fall under the influence of gravity.
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    I thought that podkletnov got at most a 2.1% reduction in 'gravity', No?

    He had used a dual layer Yttrium barium copper oxide for the disk...From what I understood the two different layers (crystal structures) formed because of how quickly the one side of the disk was cooled. When NASA replicated his experiment they just generally assumed that since there is a very large conductive difference between the two layers, that they could use an entirely different element for one of the layers...for costs sake.

    I am not as knowledgeable as some people on this forum I am sure, that aside I found NASA's review of his work to be piss-poor, and their saying that they found nothing is nearly worthless. I would have liked to see someone who took it seriously review it, not to discredit the hard working folks over @ NASA, but after reading through their review I came to the conclusion that should have tried to get ahold of the original disk in the first place...I am assuming that it is/was the property of Moscow U? Failing that if they could not fabricate it at least out of the same elements, then they should NOT have done the experiment at all! IMO they discredited his work with a setup that was destined to fail from the beginning.
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    Re: electrogravitics

    As per an alternate thread.

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    Re: electrogravitics

    Six year old thread, does not meet our current standards. Necroposts deleted, left flex's explanation in response to necroposts.
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