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What exactly are interns?

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    Do I get paid for these interns?

    I'm looking for jobs basically anywhere in the world after I'm done school. Some places have internships, but the last thing I want to even consider is to fly to Europe on a internship that doesn't even pay.

    Any advice?
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    An intern is someone who works at a company and kind of learns the 'ins and outs' of what goes on there. If they do well and are well liked, the company might ask them to work for them after their internship. Its usually something you do in college to 'get a feel' for working at different places, as opposed to getting a job and hating it because you never saw what it was like before hand. Good internships pay much better than a low wage job, usually $20+ hour.
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    This was an after graduation internship.

    Sounds good then. I'll give it a shot I guess.
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    You normally get internships while your still in college... Once you've graduated, you can try for entry level positions.
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    It really depends. I've been offered some internships that don't pay, because the field is so competitive that they don't need to pay people. Others pay to attract better candidates.
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    I agree with Corneo, why are you looking for internships after graduation?
    You should get Internships while your still in college so you can get an entry level position after graduation.

    Its going to be hella hard to get an entry level position without an internship. Some company's won't even hire college grads unless they have internshipped at the company before.

    I'm confused on what the difference between an internship and a co-op is, what you said an internship was cyrusabdollahi sounds exactly what someone told me a co-op was defined as.

    But yes interns can be unpaid, for instance, you can get an internship as Comp Sci major at MTV, its unpaid though.
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