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What exactly does an EMP fry?

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    So, I noticed there are these prepper people who buy solar panels in case of a disaster. A lot of the disasters talked about involve power outages caused by EMPS. Well, what is the point in buying a solar panel to prep for an EMP when the EMP blast would just fry the circuitry? Do I have this right? Would an EMP render a solar panel useless?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    The problem with EMP is that the EM field pulse is strong enough to induce very high voltages in any wires that are long enough to resonate with the pulse. So disconnecting devices from wiring can help to protect the devices, but presumably you don't have much warning before a criminal detonation of an EMP device.

    That's pretty much all that can be said about it here on the PF. EMP events are both dangerous and illegal, and discussions about such things are not allowed per the PF rules. Thread is tied off.
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