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What exactly is Momentum ?

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    What exactly is "Momentum"?

    What exactly is "Momentum"?
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    Geez julie! You're smart let me tell ya:) lol i'm not sure what you mean by saying "what exactly is momentum" but i know for our class it's that little P thing...and it's mass 'x' velocity:) hopefully that helped you out;)
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    Re: yup.

    Consider a system of point particles bouncing around and off each other in an inertial frame of referance. Define a quantity massociated with each particle such that the quantity mv is conserved. Give the name mass to the quantity "m". It is found experimentally that such a quantity exists for each particle. Define the quantity p as p = mv. The quantity p is called the momentum of the particle whose mass is m and whose velocity is v.
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    Re: yup.

    Quantity of motion.
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