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What exactly is overtone

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    please, am finding it difficult to understand what exactly is overtone.please i need your help guys.............
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    A simple example will illustrate. Hold a string taught and pluck it. It can vibrate many ways, but the end points are fixed. The lowest wavelength (called fundamental) will be 1/2 the string length, others (called overtones) will be multiples of this.

    The concept extends to any wave motion (such as musical tones), where the geometry fixes the allowable waves.
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    An overtone is any other vibration of a body other than its fundamental frequency. The fundamental wavelength of a stretched string is twice the length of the string. A harmonic is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency.
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    An overtone is not just any other frequency other than its fundamental. It is any frequency above the fundamental at which a body resonates. It need not be a harmonic.
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