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I What exactly is Weizsäcker's ur-alternatives theory?

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    What is exactly Weizsäcker's ur-alternatives theory? How is it related to digital physics theories? Is it related to pancomputationalism? Does it defend that a universe can be described as being fundamentally made of qubits? Would this mean that that universe would be fundamentally made by information? Would this mean that, in this theory, a universe could be itself like a quantum computer?


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    A. Neumaier

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    Yes, this was his basic philosophical idea. But it is not a viable theory.

    You can indirectly infer this from the fact that it appeared only in three philosophically oriented books [25-27] in the Wikipedia article, and nobody else worked on it.

    He builds up infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces from 2-dimensional ones (qubits), but fails to derive or explain the Lie algebra representations needed to equip the latter with the right physical structure.
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    What does that mean? Is it inconsistent then?

    What about Wheeler's "it from bit" theory?

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    (Mathematically inconsistent)
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    And if universe would be made of information, would that mean that the universe would be some kind of computer quantum itself like pancomputationalism says?
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