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What exist in 2 dimensionality?

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    So I've been putting a lot of thought in to this and I have a question. What exist in 2 dimensionality? If strings are 1 dimensional are the protons and neutrons that they make up 2 dimensional or is it the quarks and gluons that make up those. It seems like something is being left out. I understand that we live in a 3 dimensional reality but is 3 dimensionality disconnected from 2 or 1 as it is from 5, 6, 7-10 if so I would be interested in being pointed towards learning material that could help me understand the forces which facilitate these changes in dimensional state.
    If 3d is on a scale of 0 to x then would 2d end at 0 and 4d start at x?
    Im sorry if this is a lil out there but it is important to me so please help.

    Thank you Jc
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