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What fileds involves QM in grad school?

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    Hi all

    In physics grad schools, what fields involves quantum mechanics in it?

    Elementary particle physics does, right? What else?

    Usually what do theoretical physics research groups work on?

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    You'd do better by asking what fields of physics DO NOT involve QM (directly). You'd have a shorter list than the other way.

    Note that the most convincing evidence of the validity of QM does not come from esoteric field of study such as "elementary particle physics", but rather something closer to what you use everyday - condensed matter physics. This is the field of study that is responsible for practically all the materials you are using in your modern electronics.

    Someone a while back asked for a list of all the field of studies in physics, and I gave a link of the various division under the American Physical Society as a good representation of them. You may want to look at that and discover for yourself where QM comes in in almost all of that field of studies (besides expanding your horizon on the various areas of physics that you may have not known about).

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    Fields not involving QM:

    Chaos, hydrodynamics, some statistical physics - stuff in Physical Review E generally. Relativity too, in case I forget.
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    Here is the link ZapperZ talked about:


    OK.. I'm interested in QM + relativity. I like maths also.

    What is the best choice for me in grad school?

    I want something that QM is a main part of it.

    Some universities have a seperate theoretical physics group, but some do not. Because of that I felt that it's better to have a clear idea.
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