What font does latex use?

  1. what is that latex font that screams "professional looking"?

    I am using math-type + power point's beamer-template to create a presentation.

    there are two kinds of fonts involved

    For text:

    i use cmtex10 (which i assume is computer modern for latex?)

    For math

    i use times new roman+italic

    but it doesn't look like latex!

    here is what it looks like


    please help!!! thanks in advance!
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  3. thanks but i know it's computer modern (see the 5th line of my original post)

    however, out of hundreds of variations of computer modern, which two exactly are used most often?

    (one for texts and one for math)
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    A little googling finds this page, which reveals that "cmtex10" isn't the standard text font, it is the "typewriter extended" font. I know nothing about this, but page seems to be saying that the standard text font is "cmr10" and for maths "cmmi10".
  5. thank you very much.:blushing:
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    As a general rule, for presentations, you should use a sans serif font, since it is easier to read. I don't see the appeal of the computer modern font-- it doesn't scream 'professional looking' to me!
  7. I guess I am also trying to show that power point can do exactly what latex(beamer) does, and it can do it better, a lot better!

    but of course, when I submit assignments I use Lyx, which is a latex-based software that has a graphic UI.
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