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What Force might do this?

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    Say you have an infitismally small particle, the result of multiple black holes absorbing all the matter and energy in this universe, the universe it is within surrounds it completely as it has not yet expelled any particles. what would make it expand, what force is too blame for making this source particle erupt in a big 'bang'...
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    Chi Meson

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    When you find out, send us a picture of you holding your Nobel Prize!
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    maybe theres a limit to how much information black holes are able to hold and after that any more stuff falling causes it to burst like a bubble...its only maybes.
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    Read http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~wright/infpoint.html" [Broken] about the early universe.
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    As noted above, there is no such force known (no known cause of the Big Bang and no known cases of exploding black holes). So we're into the realm of speculation here (or at least some non-mainstream hypotheses).
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    you could always cop out and just say god did it.... its much less stessfull
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