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What forum should I go to?

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    My professor wrote his own textbook, 'cause he wasn't happy with the ones on the market.
    Sorry to break his bubble, but he can't write a textbook for crap - it's very hard to understand, and doesn't define many of the symbols or figures he's using.

    It's Boolean Logic, a sort of Computer Science / Mathematics hybrid.

    When asking for advice on this subject (As I'm going to have to do fairly often), which forum should I post in for it? It's not really pre-Calculus, but it's not part of Calculus either. Other Sciences? Maybe.

    I figured it'd be better to ask.
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    Thank-you, I'll try that.
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    If it's related to coursework (which it clearly appears to be), you should use the homework & coursework forums - calculus and beyond.
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