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What game for Wii?

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    Bought a Wii a month ago. Got a gift certif for Xmas. Want ideas about what game to buy.

    I'm not really into Sports, so the default Sports disc doesn't interest me much (though bowling is fun). The Wii Fit Board also comes with a bunch of games but I'm looking for something else.

    I'm not really into video games at all (burned that out of me in the arcades decades ago) so this is a bit of an experiment.

    My favourite games "recently" :blushing: have been Sim City (not Sims), and the Myst series :!!).

    I'd like something prolly sci-fi, less-so fantasy (lots of fantasy out there). Not so hot on the vicious first-person-shooter stuff.

    I was looking at Avatar. It does take advantage of the Fit Board.

    Legend of Zelda is popular, though fantasy...

    Anyway, what do you reco?
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    Do they offer Mah Jong? :devil:
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    Mm. A little too cerebral.

    Ooh yes! I'd forgotten all about Spore. This would be teh awesomest.

    But ... is Spore Hero not but a faint shadow of Spore? Spore is a Civilization-like game whereas Spore Hero is merely an arena, right?
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    These games are NOT in any particular order:

    Science Papa(Fun Science-Related minigames, like a male version of Cooking Mama)

    Endless Ocean (Surprising, A GREAT(and educational) game, I'd recommend it to anyone. When you play it you think that is just an average, low-quality game, however, as you progress, you learn that this is one of the best games created.)

    Anything that has the word "Mario" in it(ex. Mario Kart Wii).

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl(Trivia: Did you know that I used played smash at the competitive level)

    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess(Wow!)

    Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 (An addicting game, fun only if you have someone to play against)

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Good game)


    Zelda Wii

    The Pheonix Write games are coming out for the Wii(Wiiware).
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    New Super Mario Bros. is an excellent game, especially if you have two or three others to play with, and even more so if you played any of the original games (it's probably most similar to Mario 3 for NES)
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    Did I mention I have no interest in Mario games?
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    You break my heart :(
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    Off topic, a bit, but did you ever try the multi-player online version of Myst, Dave? (I was up all hours of the night and day with the first and second versions of that game. I'm with you on the love for that one.) I didn't get to try it online, but the graphics certainly were gorgeous.

    Sim City was another all-nighter.

    I have no clue if there's anything like that for Wii. Those types of games may be a bit too cerebral and not action-oriented enough for the Wii crowd. Although Zelda appears to have a problem/puzzle solving component to it that could be interesting.
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    Never heard of a multiplayer version, no.

    Not sure I could have stood another Myst. My health suffered as it was. :blushing:

    Hm. I was seriously considering that one, though I haven't really looked at it. Problems/puzzles are double plus good.
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    Oh yes there was an online version that came out in the early 2000s (if memory serves). It appears they're now trying an open source experiment to keep the game alive. Had I been able to con friends into playing with me, I'd have given it a go. It was very pretty, though. http://mystonline.com/en/media/screenshots/" [Broken]

    Did you ever play the original Doom? I've never been a FPS fan, but the maze and problem solving components of that game actually made it fun. Zelda seems to be your usual little avatar runs around killing stuff (I'm always brutal at that part) game but with the added bonus of having to problem solve too.
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    Ok, mebbe a bit. :tongue:
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    I would warn against most any game based on a movie. They tend to be crap. I understand that there are a few good ones out there but mostly they are just something slapped together to take advantage of the market when the movie comes out.

    I usually check IGN.com for game reviews. I believe they gave Avatar a so-so rating.

    I hear they came out with a Ghostbusters game not that long ago that is supposed to be pretty good. I just checked and it appears they have it for Wii.
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    You, sir, are not human.
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    My receptionist was first in line at the game store the morning that the Ghostbusters game was on the shelves for sale. He played it straight through in the first evening he had it. (Not much game-play value there.) Now, he is easily the biggest Ghostbuster fan on this planet (he has the entire movie's dialogue memorised; he has a Ghostbusters belt buckle he wears every day; he has a Ghostbusters patch on his courier bag that he carries to work daily; he has a full-blown Ghostbusters costume that he routinely wears to any event that will allow him admission while dressed in it) and even his extreme love for all things Ghostbuster could not make him impressed with the game. For what that's worth.
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    Nay nay, I am just a first generation video-gamer.

    Gimmee a Defender game anyday ....
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    Thank you for letting me know. The review I read said that it was supposed to be rather good as far as game play goes. The biggest gripe in the review had to do with a discontinuity in graphics. Of course the reviewer said that he was quite a fanboy so maybe he enjoyed it because he really wanted to.

    Sorry about that Dave.
    My game collection is not very big at the moment and my favourites are either FPSs or just not available for the Wii.

    Ah, here's a Wii game I heard about a while back that is supposed to be really good. Its a puzzle game vaguely similar to the online flash game Fantastic Contraption. Unfortunately it apparently is somewhat short at about 5 hours of game play or so depending on how difficult you find the puzzles.
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    Wasn't that a second or third generation game? :tongue:
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