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What gives 12-21-2012?

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    Hello I have recently watched a show on the History channel, that was about the predictions of the date 12-21-2012. In the show they stated that a catastrophic event would occur and would cause great damage to the earth as we know it. The only scientific information this theory was based on was that of the earth aligning with the sun and the moon as well as the milky-way galaxy's black force or hole. This alignment according to the show would cause the earth to tilt it's axis from the current north and south poles to the equator basically the earth would spin on it's side. I have heard of the slight shifting of the poles lately but noting that great of a difference. My question is this, is there any research or knowledge on what effects a change in the magnetic force of the earth would cause in many of the 90% of products we use today? For example will generators work the same, or computers, phones, T.V. etc things that use magnets to function or even magnets themselves? How will these be effected by a shift in the magnetic poles or lines of force running east to west instead of north to south?
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    the wasteland of TV extends to cable.

    with the exception of The Daily Show and South Park, it's pretty much all excrement.
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    I hope it is clear that this was pseudo-scientific BS. You can recognize it by different elements. Look at the funny date, first. Next, "alignments" outside of our solar system have totally neglegible graviational effects (in fact in as much as they might do something - and it is very very tiny, they act as much on the sun as on the earth, and hence their relative effect cancels).
    Next, a gravitational alignment has in principle nothing to do with the magnetic field of the earth, which depends on currents within the earth. So it is not clear how a tiny tiny gravitational effect, much smaller than, say, the effect of Jupiter on the earth, would have any influence on something which with it has nothing to do - the magnetic field of the earth.

    Finally, a change in the earth magnetic field would have some effects on certain of our devices... mainly compasses. Also, there might be an increase or decrease in the amount of cosmic radiation that reaches the surface. Electronic equipment is essentially insensitive to the tiny magnetic field of the earth.

    So, again: this smells sooo much of total BS....

    I'd say, the solution is: find a good Jedi Master, and he will restore the equilibrium of the Force. This statement is about of the same scientific quality.
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    This crap is all based on the Mayan calendar that ends on December 21, 2012.

    I do think "vanesch" is right we will need a "Jedi Master" to resolve this.

    And "rbj" you forgot "Futurama" and "That 70's Show"
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    while i agree with you about Futurama (and i did forget listing it, i s'pose i can toss in the Simpsons with that, most Simpsons episodes are still good), i have never had much use for That 70's Show (and that's exactly when i became of age - i was born when Eisenhower was prez and i remember both JFKs getting killeded and that moment of "one small step for a man...")
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    Just for everyone's information, the Mayan calendar does not end on 12/21/2012. That date is the end of a Mayan long count, a period of around 5,000 years, but not the end of the calendar. Another long count would technically begin on that date.
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    Hey, all we need to do is wait for 4 more years!
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    Another consideration is the speed of light. If any gravitational anomaly occurred from the alignment (which I seriously doubt it would,) it would take millions of years for the effects to be felt on earth. Don't forget about the speed of light, which applies to gravitational waves that propagate.
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