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News What Gives?

  1. Apr 4, 2003 #1
    Why is the intersection of the following domains so large?

    People who have liberal political philosophies
    People who are Anti-Bush
    People who think Bush is Hitler-like
    People who think Bush gained the presidency illegally
    People who are Anti-American
    People who blame Jewish conspiracies
    People who have white skin and dreadlocks

    Just wondering.
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    People who have liberal political philosophies--aren't gullible when teh administration makes up lies

    People who are Anti-Bush--he's a thug in the Nixon mold

    People who think Bush is Hitler-like--not too far of a stretch from the Nixon thing...he certainly isn't a good guy

    People who think Bush gained the presidency illegally--that's a fact of life that you should simply accept and get over

    People who are Anti-American--you think everyone who doesn't agree with you is anti-American, it is YOUR problem, not ours

    People who blame Jewish conspiracies--Israel plays rougher than most countries that America has on its hit-list

    People who have white skin and dreadlocks--is this supposed to be a racist comment?
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    Re: Re: What Gives?

    I realize that this should be an entirely different topic, but, please do explain to me how Bush illegally won the presidency, I'm really dying to know. I have not seen one shred of a decent argument that shows that Bush violated a law in winning the 2000 presidential elections, and frankly don't think there is one but that this is more of just a catch phrase for the bitter and dissapointed.
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    Climbhi, you didn't look very far. There are entire books which outline illegal activities by teh Bush camp. There have been dozens if not hundreds of legal papers written. Google, buddy, GOOGLE!
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    Okay, I've googled all over the place for a few hours now, and I've been able to find plenty of claims that Bush violated the law in winning the 2000 elections, but that's all they are, just claims, no facts. Very very few of the claims gave any sort of reference to their claim, and for those which did give a reference the reference was just to another ultraleft website which made more claims with no supporting fact. I have no problem agreeing that the 2000 elections were messed up. But I strongly think that they were equally messed up for both sides. Almost all of the claims made by the ultraleft websites of illegal activity could've been switched right around and used on an ultraright website to claim that Gore tried to win the 2000 elections illegally. It's just ridiculous. So I'll end here before we make this into a completely unrelated tangent. Sorry to veer this so far off topic...
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    Alias, your thread that suggests stereotyping a group of people because they are against Bush is no worse then me accusing all Texans of being greedy, ego-centric and a severe inability to think...This forum is not about picking on PEOPLE because of their beliefs, but about DISCUSSING opinions, ideas, and thoughts. Because this is not the first time I have witnessed YOUR inability to think before you post, it will be locked.
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