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What graduate schools are competitive for me?

  1. Oct 24, 2012 #1
    Hi everyone. I am an University of Montreal joint physics-mathematics undergraduate student with a GPA that is either 3.7, 3.67 or 3.61 (depends on how you report and calculate it). I want to make a MSc despite lack of research experience as an undergrad. I have good recommendation letters in the works and it appears I have covered graduate-level coursework as an undergrad (ask me for the details).

    My recommenders told me that my file would be competitive for Tufts and Brown at the MSc level, so I'll include them into my school list, despite them being really long shots IMO.

    I want to do research in astrophysics (white dwarfs, neutron stars, exoplanets) or theoretical physics (particle physics, statistical mechanics) For American schools I wonder what kind of GRE scores would make me competitive.

    Here's my school list:

    Canadian schools:

    University of Montreal
    University of Toronto

    American schools:

    Boston University
    Penn State University

    If you have other schools to suggest me, please state an academically accessible school with funding enough not to go deep into debt (TA and/or RA) because I think Canadian banks won't let me take out loans to study these subfields of physics at the graduate level in the US, since I'm confident that, if I got into any of the three Canadian schools I listed I will get enough funding if I can actually attend the school (i.e. finding a supervisor on time) not to incur debt at all.

    However, for all schools listed (except maybe the Quebec ones) MSc applicants are automatically considered for PhD direct entry.
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