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What graphing package to use?

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    hey pf!

    i have a vector field i would like to plot. it's in polar coordinates. specifically, it's simple like $$v_\theta=r+\theta$$ and $$v_\theta=r^{-1}+\theta$$
    i dont have any nice software other than the macbook GRAPHER. can anyone help me or give me advice to an inexpensive package i could use to graph this? ultimately i would like to import the graph into a pdflatex file.


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    there must be quite a few you can use, here are some examples:
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    have you used all of these? if so, which do you prefer? also, can i import them into pdflatex?
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    I currently use matplotlib. With matplotlib, you can export the figure directly from the figure window into various formats, I typically prefer png, which can them be included into latex.
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