What happened t brain teasers?

  1. Where did they go? Greg must be busy?
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  3. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    Haha yeah I'm a bit busy, I'll get one up right now.
  4. I don't see how this Brain Teasers thing is fair.

    Firstly, our timezones are different, and the first to answer would be the one closest to the time of when Greg updates it (I assume he has a set time?).

    Also, what if we can't wake-up that early? We have a dial-up connection?

    The questions are also pretty stupid. You can get the answer for most of them simply by copy & pasting the question into "Ask Jeeves". Do not deny it, I am quite sure people here have done that, if they were good at internet searches.

    What about browser speed? What if one has a faster browser than another?
  5. Kenikov first off, there are many others in your position, im not in the same time zone as Greg. And second, you seem to criticize a lot here. You criticized me in the "first language?" topic I made because I made a little mistake in a post, and I wasn't learning/ approching the situation "right" (the way he did it) and you're complaining about this now well guess what- there is nothing Greg can do! He cant be in all time zones at once, he cant post it at 1:00 PM in all time zones...what else is he to do? And you can find nearly anything with search engines these days, so what is he going to do? Shut down google and jeeves? I dont think so.
  6. You state I complain quite a bit, when according to you, I've complained a total of 2 times. You are complaining about me and about how I complained about your mistake in the "First Language" post, which makes your total complaints to 2. So I guess that means you complain too. At least, equal to me.

    Greg could pick the most complete answer besides just the first one.

    Maybe the one best explained.
  7. You complained more than once in the "first language" thread, and you say things about me when, you dont even know me. You act like you know everything but you dont.
  8. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    Ok ok, lets calm down. Greg is here

    kenikov, I understand your concerns and they are mine aswell. All I can say is that I am working on both of them. I am searching deeper for better questions and I am posting at different times.
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