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News What happened to the free market paradigm?

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    Why do governmetn and business "leaders" love to extoll the virtues of the "Free market" why actually promoting vicious, draconian restrictions? Isn't this extortion of the most sinister degree?
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    In a word: Liberals.
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    Math Is Hard

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    We were just talking about this in anthropology class today - except the teacher was talking about the same thing going on in other Third World countries. She didn't mention Iraq. I'll have to send her this link. Thanks.

    She told us another interesting story about Montsanto. A few years ago, her neighbor was growing basil plants on her patio and she saved the seeds. She decided to replant the seeds and grow new plants on her patio, but out of the seven pots she planted them in, only two grew full mature plants. The other five just sprouted and died.

    She thought this was strange so she asked her brother, who has a PhD in agriculture, about it. He said that Montsanto had genetically engineered many plants to prevent people from being able to regrow new plants from their seeds. I was stunned.
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    That is what i call a free market strategy!!! :rofl:
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    The problems in Iraq certainly stem from sources in economic policy emplaced there in the first few months after the war by Bremer's government. Privatizing all the public property and basically ripping off the Iraqis and the Americans is a stupid strategy for the proclaimed political goals: democracy, freedom.
    Firing most of the middle class who made up the public service jobs is idiotic. Iraq is America's Palestine.
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    Will you get a clue as to the facts before you spout memorized nonsense? Did you even read the article?
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    Even republicans can do some pretty liberal things when it benefits them monetarily. Neither side is immune.
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    And nonsense!

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    Dan, do a search of General Discussion: this story was posted before and its a pretty severe distortion of the truth.

    And people wonder why I dislike environmentalists so much....
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    i don't wonder.. i know.. you dislike enviromentalists becouse you read too much FOX NEWS...

    EPA to Allow Pesticide Testing on Humans
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    ??? What does that have to do with this thread?

    For the record:

    1. I do not watch Fox News (I don't watch much news at all).
    2. That article is quite appropriately located in the opinion section.
    3. I share that opinion. And that policy (which I didn't know about) is yet another reason to dislike Clinton and radical environmentalists.
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    Hmm, that article claims that saving seeds will be illegal, but I did not see that when I looked over Order 81. The only way that might be the case is if corporations have or will be able to patent varieties farmers already use, but Order 81 has language that seems to have the intent of precluding that possibility.
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