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What happened to the list of unnswered threads?

  1. Jan 20, 2017 #1
    The option to choose to look at the list of unanswered threads seems to have vanished. Is this a PF problem or is my computer messed up?
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    It's not PF.
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    Forums, Unanswerd Threads

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    Here's what I see just now on the right side of my browser window:

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    Seems so...

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    Hi @berkeman:

    On the main page which says:
    Physics Forums - The Fusion of Science and Community
    I cannot find any mention of "Unanswered Threads". There used to be, just a few days ago, a link at the top right along with
    which said
    Unanswered Threads .​
    That is not there any more. When this now missing link was selected, in the yellow space at the top of the page where now appear such messages as
    1. Buzz Bloom, help support this great Physics Forums community and consider upgrading to Gold membership today.
    2. PF thrives by your sharing of our community with your friends, family and colleagues.
    3. Please add a link to Physics Forums on your website/blog or share PF on social media. If you do, tell me and I'll give you Gold Membership.
    4. Have a web page or blog? Consider linking to Physics Forums. Every little bit helps!
    5. Visit PF Insights
    Daily fascinating physics and math articles. Over 300 currently!
    When the Unanswered Threads link in the upper right was selected, then a message in the yellow space would appear with a link to Unanswered Threads. When that link was selected the Unanswered Threads page would appear with the current list of these in reverse chronological order, together with how long previous the thread was created, and who created it.

    I can find no way to get back to this page. I looked at this page every day to see if there was a thread for which I could offer some help.

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    Hi @jtbell:
    I do not see what you see. What you see is
    What I see instead is
    Recent Insights .

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    Hi @OCR:
    I cannot find what you displayed in your post. What did you do to get that display?

    I found it! Thanks for helping.

    I am still puzzled by the sudden absence of the interface i used to use.

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    I think what you are referring to are the notices. These are not meant to be permanent. They are to be read, possibly acted on and then dismissed :)
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    Are you seeing something like this, Buzz ?

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    I see the RECENT INSIGHTS box above NEWEST UNANSWERED THREADS. In my picture, you can see the bottom of that box.

    Going down the right side of the screen, from top to botton, I see:

    (social media icons)





  13. Jan 22, 2017 #12
    Hi @OCR:
    No. What I see is the following.
    PhysicsForums main page.png
    Thanks for helping,
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  14. Jan 22, 2017 #13
    Hi @jtbell:

    I see this now, but I am not sure it has always been present. However, it may have been there without my noticing it.

    The interface I was always used to using before was the blue text list of links on the right below the yellow space at the top. (See my post #12.) That area used to have an "Unanswered Threads" link. When that link was selected, another "Unanswered Threads" link appeared immediately in the yellow area. Selecting this second "Unanswered Threads" link would make the list on unanswered threads appear.

    Thanks for helping,
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