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What happens after Ionization

  1. Feb 22, 2014 #1
    I know that when a gas gets ionized it will conduct electricity but what will happen if we increase the voltage even after ionization?will it explode eventually?if it will explode will that be in nuclear label ?
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    Why would an ionized gas explode?
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    What happens if we increase the voltage applied to a conductor? It won't explode. You might be pointing at the rapid expansion of the plasma. But these will never be under the nuclear label. Ionisation is an electronic phenomenon. Not nuclear.
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    But after a certain voltage the conductor overheats ands burns .Then why won't the gas burn ?
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    The filament doesn't burn. It melts. Burning requires an oxidizer such as oxygen to be present
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    High enough voltage, in principle, can cause nuclear reactions, by accelerating fully ionised atoms (nuclei), which then collide with each other or the electrodes.

    As regards burning, air consists of nitrogen and oxygen. They react at high temperatures (but not very high).
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    How much high voltage is required ? how to calculate it?
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