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What happens if?

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    what happens if we could get rid of the violence in the world the evil in man, is it possible to get rid of itonce and for all and what would our world be like? would be a utopia or just a lot of human living a meanless life with nothing?

    i ask these questions so maybe in our own small way we could push the human race into a better direction, if there is one?
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    Give everyone a frontal lobotomy.

    Seriously? ... I don't think it's possible.
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    Its not possible.. think of it this way:

    Remove all murderers.. and walla! No more murders in the world... wait, but there are still physical abusers! Remove them now too ! Take out the people who curse next, hell, lets take out the people who don't smile all the time too, such violent brutes!

    My point being, "violence" is simply an end of a stick, making it shorter doesn't make it dissappear. I suppose the only way is to remove the stick.. and we don't want to go there.
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    umm, i read the following conclusion sometime this week:

    there's two kinds of well-being: the first one and easier: to remain comfortable. it becomes boring after a while if nothing happens.
    The second one: the stopping of pain produces a rush of pleasure. For instance, you have been doing exercise, and it's painful, but when you stop and relax your muscles, a rush of physical satisfaction runs through your body.

    Same thing with the case of evil in the world. I think it will become "just a lot of human living a meanless life with nothing", as bad as it sounds. So basically, we do need bad things to happen, to appreciate and orient our lives towards goodness.
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    What would one really classify as evil, anyway? What may be to one, may not be to another. When it comes to violence, we are violent every day, some of us may not realize it...killing a bug, or even breathing, we kill or injure something with everything we do. Just because a bug or microbe may be the victim, doesn't make it any less violent. Bad things exist and happen for a reason, it creates a balance and actually allows us to view other things as good or pleasant. Emotion is what one would have to get rid of...it would take care of both ends of the spectrum and people would live without needing or feeling the need to think of such things...
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    Isn't man evil?
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    The earth is but a threshing floor, to seperate the wheat from the chaff.
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    It depends on what you see such utopia as. If you only define such situations in terms of what is missing, then an empty room is your paradise.

    I think it is better to conceive of utopias and perfect worlds as what we want there to be, to drown out what we dislike.
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