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What happens in a black hole?

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    I'm curious about what others think. As I believe that you fall indefinitely in a black hole, and since you don't feel the gravity when falling, you fall until your incinerated by faster moving electromagnetic radiation falling on you. But you can only see what is above you, assuming your eyes aren't fried by X-Rays as soon as you look up.

    Do you think you get vaporized and compressed into an singularity with a definite position? Or just get compressed while you're still alive?
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    In free fall, you 'don't feel the gravity' only if the field is uniform, non-varying.

    But the strong gravity of a black hole, with its radial symmetry and corresponding non-uniformity, will 'stretch' you badly during the fall...
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    The most accepted view is that you experience "spaghettification." The difference in gravity between your feet and head pulls your body apart, and you turn into "spaghetti", really fast. Then each little part left is torn apart, and so on.
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    That depends on the mass of the black hole. The greater the mass, the smaller the tidal force (difference between the force at one end of your body and the other) so the less spaghettification happens. For a supermassive black hole such as the ones found at galactic centers, you could fall through the event horizon without even noticing.
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    Because of time dilation, you will instantly experience the fate of the black hole. The time outside of the black hole will,from your frame of reference, instantaneously go to the time of the demise of the black hole. So as soon as you enter the black hole, you will die with the black hole.

    This is just something that I think might happen.
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    See the link from post #2 for a correct description.
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    Let's avoid speculation and personal opinions on what we 'think' might happen please.
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