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What happens to forum-accounts that are not activated?

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    I recently registered an eBay account. That is, I did it half way. When filling in all the info I mistakeably wrote my password where my user ID should be (don't ask). I didn't notice this until I got the activation e-mail. Naturally I didn't activate my account. What I wonder now is how long it will take before they delete my "account-that-is-not-yet-an-account" so I can try again, with correct info this time ;) It's been about four days now...
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    It'll probably hang there until the turn of century, sorry to say. Maybe contact their customer service and see if anyone answers.
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    Why don't you try contacting them. If they haven't already deleted your account (if they ever will, or if it is actually in need of deletion) by the time you get a response, I'm sure they can either help you to do whatever it is you want, or tell you what alternatives are available.
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