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What happens when you combine these wavelengths

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    Low level transmission of every electromagnetic wave starting from long -wave radio to gamma rays. Thousands of different transmitters not necessarilly being powerful at all, converging on one spot.

    Wouldnt this create massive electromagnetic spikes here and there? Just as if you were to add a graph of Y=CosineX to a graph of Y=2CosineX. Add thousands of these of different wavelengths, mathematically you'd get GIGANTIC spikes here and there.

    Mathematically, but would it work in the real world? Could that create GIGANTIC spikes of magentic and electrostatic forces, maybe big enough to spontaneously fuse or fission nuclei?

    What im getting at is that in attempting to create Fusion in a laboratory with lasers, they are all using the same wavelength, and therefore by using the same wavelength youll never get spikes in the graph, it'll always cancel eachother out.
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    The lasers being used in fusion experiments are pulsed. They don't interfere since they are aimed at different points on the surface of a ball of fusionable material.
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