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What happens

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    Hi there
    I have a question regarding the attom
    Not saying its possible but if it was what would happen to matter if you could slow the speed of the electron orbit?
    I am not in to physics but very curious.
    Thanks in advance
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    It appears that you may still be holding on to the notion of the classical orbit for an atom. You might want to start by first reading the FAQ in the General Physics forum and see if you still want to ask this question.

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    As ZapperZ pointed out, quantum physics says there is no real "orbiting" involved. However, if you want to slow down everything that happens in an atom, you can! Relativity says that just moving quickly slows down time for you. So get an atom and move it around at a speed close to the speed of light, and you'll have an atom where everything "inside" it happens more slowly. You'll find that nothing terrible happens. Go learn about relativity.
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