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What has the initial NOTHING turned into?

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    I can't help noticing that both the Bible and Physics state that in the biginning there was nothing. Based on my understanding of the lever I know this is right. So having in mind that nothing has nothing to change, which makes it unchangeable, how can we have something now? Are we considering the things only partially without their anti-thing?

    Is it that if we put back every thing in the initial position (or if the universe's expansion is reversable) then we will end up with the initial nothing?

    In the cartoon about Moses there was this quote: "You must look things though heavent's eyes". It's something like (I experience it this way) if you wanna have complete physical system then you must have summarily nothing.

    No hard feelings!
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    Scientists really don't know what the big bang started from. Starting from nothing is pure guess. There are many other ideas floating around, such as cyclic, or brane collision. Unfortunately current observation (which is ultimately what really matters) is unable to validate any of these or other ideas.
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    Bad science and bad theology. Neither say that.
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