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What have you learned from PF?

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    I've been here almost a year and a half, and looking over some of my older posts, I can hardly believe how much I've learned and changed! What have you learned, how have you changed as a result of joining PF?

    I'll work on a list soon... more humility and patience for starters...
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    That, despite all previous opinions to the contrary, I'm not the weirdest person on the planet. :tongue:
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    then who is? I say http://science-forum.tk [Broken]

    (look for some of his posts :surprised )
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    PF brought me Enlightenment and saved me a bunch of money on my car insurance.

    Seriously though: I haven't really learned anything per se. Rather, all the intelligent discussions seem to be refining my skills in areas like debate. And saving my brain from atrophy over the summer.
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    why do people make forums in black? yuck..

    Anyway, I guess I've learned a little bit from PF .. mostly reinforcing what I already knew by helping people on the homework forums .. but I could have learned a lot more by hitting the books instead of coming here. Oh well.
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    I've learned quite a bit from PF, my grades have improved, and I've only been here 3 months
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    That's because now you expend all of your smart-ass comments on us instead of doing it in class. :tongue:
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    that's not entirely true. I'm still a smartass in my classroom
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    I joined four days after you. I've learned things in that time, but I'm not sure I can say whether I've learned anything that I wouldn't have learned without PF in my life. I may have discovered that I'm really not as interested in science as I thought I was.
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    I've learned tons of stuff since I joined. Even in GD, I've learned many things, ok, a lot were kind of strange, but it broadened my horizons. :biggrin:

    I've also met a LOT of incredible people here. My life is much richer thanks to PF. :approve:
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    Other than the standard topics that PF is geared for (science, mathematics, and engineering), one thing did stand out.

    For some reason PF helped me on a sample AP government test. I knew the basics of the military-industrial complex from the various postings in the political subforum a while ago.
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    I couldn't pin down anything specifically but I have read up on quite a few topics that I may not have had I not been reading discussions on PF. I'm also always happy to hear/read other people's opinions on things. I've more refined my debating skills and am very happy to be able to debate on a forum where people tend to have better arguements than "You're stupid". Note I did say "tend". :wink:
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    i learned to NEVER EVER post in GD if you want to remain sane.
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    I am certainly catching up on the various aspects of particle physics and cosmology, which I put aside while studying and practicing nuclear engineering. The math and physics forums are invaluable.

    Plus I really enjoy meeting new people, making new friends and sharing the mutual interest in science and technology, but also the social interactions in GD and politics forum.

    And as for GD, I have learned things that I just really wished I hadn't :biggrin: :rofl: , but having a brain that's somewhat like a sponge, which unfortunately absorbs the inane and trivial along with the profound and useful - well most you probably understand. :biggrin:
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    I've learned that, while I am an insufferable nerd, I am really really insigificantly ignorant.
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    PF has restored a globle view I once had, but lost somewhere along the way.
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    I like the quick reply
  19. Aug 3, 2005 #18
    umm.., i guess one or two peple who created pf MUST know or already figured out this before, but think, they keep silent maybe becos of their pf,

    that is it there to it that i leant from pf, many forums to read..
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    But you have a good username, and really, that's all that counts.
  21. Aug 3, 2005 #20
    I am still waiting to learn what an orgasmatron is...


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