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What helped you learn physics?

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    Some things that helped developed my rudimentary physics knowledge

    1) If you jump fowards of a skateboard it goes backwards. You can model this with conservation of momentum. Extending this idea if you jump up in the air the earth must go in the opposite direction only much slower. So the opposite reaction can always be conceived.

    2) Voltages can be thought of as joules per columb so the voltage drop will the same across circuits in series.

    3) If you consider a shape made out of squash balls stuck together you can make a perfect scale up with larger spheres. So when an object expands with heat and it is unconstrained then it each of its atoms will get bigger and the object will be perfectly scaled up and both the inner and outer diameter of any holes will increase by the same ratio--- Hopefully this is correct.

    What are other peoples useful ways of looking at things?

    As for the people that are good at physics I want to fully follow how Maxwell showed that electromagnetic waves can go through vacuum at the speed of light. Any ways that will help me do this. I am can solve the pdes but getting them with vector calculus will probably take me a while I have done some basic stokes/green theorem questions so I should be able to handle things, Should I look around for worked examples that check if you understand something like a generator in terms of Maxwells equations and vector calculus?
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