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What ho!

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    Under instruction from my registration message im here to introduce myself.. Hello!

    I have next to no education. I was a total delinquent in school. I had dyslexia and also the anti-authority complex and lazyness to prevent the over coming of it. It was only after leaving school at 15 that i thought "..damn, i wish i knew stuff.."
    The willfull ignorance that I embraced as a youngster dissipated and i went through a total personality shift as i came to analyse my unfortunate upbringing and the anger it had given me.
    The lazyness and dyslexia are however still a problem..

    I love physics, or rather the idea of it, i don't have a head for the numbers required for it's application.

    So i just want to know and understand stuff, to have a basic grasp of where we came from, are, and are going.

    Uh.. What else?.. If i had to pick an "ism" i would call my self a humanist. i'm a bitter atheist, for logical and moral reasons.. I like cats..

    Howdy y'all!
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    Welcome to the PF. I think you will learn a lot here.

    Also, find the "For Kitten Lovers" thread in General Discussion -- you will get a kick out of it. :smile:
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    Welcome Unwillingly ignorant, I know you have found a place to learn at PF,s
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