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What household items can disrupt a magnetic field?

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    I play electric guitar, and I'm looking for fun things to mess around with. The way an electric guitar works is it has a magnetic "pickup" wrapped in copper wire which acts as generator, and when the string vibrates, it creates an electrical current. I know IR from my remote will disrupt it and create a distinct sound, and with whatever kind of radiation my compter screen puts out, stray radio frequencies and radiation from neon lights cause annoying background hum.

    So, is there anything else in my house I could use to dick around and make fun noises with? Pretty much anything that creates a signal that will disrupt a magnetic field.
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    Try your Electric Toaster!..if you dare that is ;)

    If you take a locating magnetic field finder, like one used by Ramblers 'Compass', just after using your toaster place your compass close to the toaster (after switching it off of course), then you will see that the needle picks up the strong Magnetic/Electrical field still eminating form the Toaster?

    Now if I am thinking correct you are using your Guitar and amp to extract the 'sounds?/feedback' of objects around your house, to see what effects they give of through your hopefully (Marshall) amplifier!

    In the sixties/seventies there was a time where some Guitarists used 'COPPER-BRACELETS' on their wrists for 'Healing' purposes?..but any metalic(HEAVY-METAL!) which is where the term 'heavy-metal' came from, but rings and any jewelery give out certain 'Vibes'.

    Try and find some of these bracelets and the differing effects they give out whilst around a Guitarists wrist during 'Heavy-Strumming'! ;)
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    Anything metallic or anything that generates its own electromagnetic field will potentially cause _some_ effect. However, the pickup is set close to the strings so that the effect of other objects is minimised. You might also find that it's not the pickup but the instrument lead that's acting as a radio antenna and picking up a signal (it should be shielded coax but...)
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    It could also be coming through the amp itself if the outlet is not properly grounded.
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