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What I like most about Christmas

  1. Dec 22, 2004 #1
    Not being Christian. Seriously, it saves a lot of headaches. No shopping or family functions that need to be dealt with.

    I was at the mall today, and it seemed most of the shoppers there were in a terrible mood, many of them were rude and cranky. I even heard one woman cursing Christ about the long line ups in the book store (priceless!!)

    I think the worst part though, is that the major Christmas focus is on consumerism. That's all I ever hear about, gifts this stockings that. The only reference to Christ that I've heard in this whole holiday season, was from the previously mentioned swearing woman.
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    I am not a christian, but I have no problem celebrating chirstmas. I see it as more of a societal(is that a word?) tradition rather than a religious holiday.
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    I think that what's kind of bad about it. This day, that's supposed to represent the birth of the messiah, has turned into a consumer holiday. Score one for the retail sector, and fat old white guys with beards.

    Oh well, maybe once people finish their turkey, and opening their gifts, they'll remember to wish old JC a happy birthday.
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    Celebrating our cultural heritage is human nature. It matters not what basis we use to celebrate, merely that we agree to do it. We can pretend the content has some independent meaning and existence, but the more important aspect is making and sharing a connection with others that motivates us to continue working toward the common good. A celebration reminds us to compare where we are to where we were in the past. It also causes us to reflect upon the attitudes and opinions that prevailed over the course of history and reflect upon their positive and negative influences over time.
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    How can you knock an excuse to get pressies!!! :biggrin: I'm not religious, but I love celebrating Christmas as a fun winter festival that involves lighted trees and a big, old man in red velvet accompanied by a lot of short little people in green tights who bring presents to all the children!

    Okay, some people go WAY overboard on the Christmas present thing. My sister was telling me some of the stuff her co-workers were getting their kids this year, and we were both in shock at how much they were going to spend. She doesn't exactly work at a place where you have a lot of rich people who can afford to indulge their children like that.
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    What makes you think that the people you saw frustrated are Christians? What makes you think that the person who said "Christ" was a devoted Christian.

    A devoted Christian enjoys the holidays much more than they suffer stress.
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    Is it not the case that Christmas is actually pagan in origin?
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    The origins of the form of the celebration (gift giving, family gathering, etc) can be traced back to the Saturnalia celebration in Roman times.

    The date of the 25th of December is not beleived to be the actual birthdate of Jesus but rather a reposition of the day to coincide with the popular celebration of the Winter Solctice by pagans. The church thought they would make the celebration a celebration of Jesus' birth and take the emphasis off the pagan interpretation.
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    Well, i've spoken to some people, and apparently, there always WAS a midwinter feast. It was about the 16th century (from what ive heard) that christmas was 'endorsed' by christians.

    Therefore, seeing that christmas *is* the alternative, i would say it is still appropiate to celebrate christmas even if you are not religious.
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    i'm christian, but i usually don't get gifts (for others). in fact, i hate getting gifts for people on christmas. malls crammed full of people celebrating it just for the gifts and break from work have done it to me. if i do get gifts for people, its after christmas. or i just get awesome birthday presents for those people.

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    ...yet retain enough of the original pagan character that it would be acceptable to the masses that It was trying to rope in.
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    I used to like trying to sleep on the night of Christmas Eve but it took hours and then waking up to presents brought by Santa. I stop believing in Santa when I was 8 and when I was 12 I stopped looking forward to presents.

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    You shouldn't have been naughty all year. :rolleyes:

    Hmm... on second thought, that hardly seems like a good trade. :uhh: Those had better be some really, really good presents. :grumpy:
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