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Sharon Warns Israel May Create New Border

By DAN PERRY, Associated Press Writer

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Thursday that Israel will take unilateral steps to establish a makeshift border, including relocating Jewish settlements, if Palestinians do not make moves toward peace within a few months.

Sharon said Israel would speed up construction of a controversial security fence that cuts deep into the West Bank and use it to make a more easily defensible border with the Palestinians.

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I'm confused -- is this about China invading Florida, or Israel?


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I think this is a pro-Palestinian post making some unbelievably vauge analogy between the hypothetical invasion of the US by China and the invasion of Palestine by Israel. Let us not forget that there has not been a continuous conflict between the US and China since the beginning of time as in the latter case.


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You're right, it's an analogy.

In the Palestine case, if you look at nations the creation of Israel was legal if not fair. There was no Palestinean Arab nation in being when Israel was created by the victorious powers of WWII. The powers proposed to create one, partition Palestine between that nation and Israel, and everything would be humky-dory. Only thing was, nobody cleared it with the local Arabs. They had been living in the area since time out of mind, and they didn't favor being uprooted and resettled somewhere else, somewhere where their predominantly agricultural practices would be at a disadvantage. So the Palestine didn't come to be and Israel did, to the sorrow of everyone concerned.

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