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News What if China Decided to Occupy Florida and Say American Resistance is Terrorism?

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    Carlos Hernandez started a thread by this title: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11222 However, the thread content was something unrelated.

    So let's consider the actual topic, shall we?

    With support from North Korea, Russia, Burma, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, and dozens of other nations, China declares:

    1) The USA is under the rule of a war-hungry savage, a dictator who was not elected by the majority, and who loves roaming around the world bombing civilians.

    2) The USA is under an unjust system which houses one quarter of the world's prison population, allows religious whackos to influence politics, and oppresses its minorities.

    3) The USA deliberately attacks civilians, eg. Hiroshima, Hamburg, Baghdad.

    4) The USA is the only state to have used nukes against people.

    5) The USA not only still possesses nukes, but is always making new ones.

    6) The USA is making chemical and biological weapons.

    7) The tyrannical dictator Bush and his evil regime are involved in rape, torture, murder, and other such activities directed at the poor citizens of the USA.

    8) The oppressed citizens of the USA deserve freedom, and their current system does not allow it.

    So, China makes those charges, they are published in the dozens of supporting nations, and they bring it before the United Nations. The UN does not make a resolution to intervene in the USA. The application for a resolution is turned down.

    Claiming a moral authority, China invades (let's not bother with the mechanics of the invasion, I'm after a discussion of politics and ethics) and secures a large chunk of mainland USA. For example Florida, as Carlos suggested.

    Now, some people go and riot, like after football games. Some fight each other for the heck of it, trying to settle religious or other differences. Many fight a guerilla campaign against the invaders.

    After the invasion, it turns out that Jiang Zemin's (or however you wish to spell his name) best friend is making a fortune from captured resources.

    So, the questions:

    1) Are the guerillas freedom fighters or terrorists? Why?

    2) Was China right to invade? Why, or why not?

    PS: Yes, I am aware that many of the listed accusations against the USA could be applied to China too. This is a hypothetical situation.
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    1) Are the guerillas (I didn't know we had primates in north america!) attacking the red cross? children at school? blowing up school buses? then obviously they are terrorists...are they only attacking military targets and armed service personnel? then they could be called freedom fighters...well, unless of course South American countries had a huge grudge against China and decided to fight it out on United states soil..then it becomes murky..:wink:

    2) not enough info! IMO brutal dictators who commit the mega-crime of genocide upon the people they are granted the responsibility to keep safe...then they should always be removed...preferably by global consensus unfortunately that's seldom been the way of it. How many hundreds of thousands did the "war-hungry savage, a dictator" slaughter? This is one reason I might say it's justified..there could be others...you'd have to expand your explanation to satisfy my needs:wink:
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    1)Saddam was and would do so if he could (I don't like the electoral college either, but I see it doesn't upset you so much that you move here and try to set up legislation against it.)
    2)This was true in Iraq, except for the 1/4 part.
    3)Saddam did too. If I may remind you, the US was the victim of WWII. Also, a little known fact is that in that era (and long time before too) all educated Japanese knew they were decended from a sun god and that though they looked like the rest of us they were in fact superior.
    4+5)Saddam has said that he would if he could.
    6)We have reason to believe he did.
    7)We know Saddam did that, we have found the mass graves.
    8)True (for Iraq)

    Might I add that it has been shown several times in recent history that the UN is perfectly, 100% incapable of inforcing it's own rules, so if they did pass a resolution and a UN team went in there, it would be a blood bath. Might I add that the Coalition of the Willing is 60 some countries strong, this war is not just big bad Bush.
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    Adam – It will probably take a few years as China is now downsizing its army in order to emulate that of the US. That being a technological advanced, mobile force to protect their national interests, when necessary.
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    I don't think that would go over too well with the UN, your detailed hypothetical notwithstanding.
    That depends on how they resist (as Kat explained in more detail). Yours, Adam, is a common misconception about terrorists.
    No. You answered your own question here: its a hypothetical so you can construct it in any way you want to try to get the responses you want.

    It is interesting to note however, that the possibility of such a hypothetical is the prime reason the US is the protector of the world and most contries accept (WANT) it to be. American dominance is what allows our allies the luxury of disarming.
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