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What if complex biological systems emerged as a result of a wave function?

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    What if complex biological systems emerged as a result of a wave function firstly, and the biochemical components followed after. Can this new perspective better explain organizational gaps in evolution.

    The Phi-Wave Aether: a Wave Theory of Everything

    Caroline H Thompson, October 2004

    The Phi-Wave Aether (PWA) theory is a tentative theory of everything, based on the assumption of a universal fluid aether. It embodies new ideas about forces, radiation and the nature of matter. The forces we observe are the effects of the interactions of “phi-waves” (primitive longitudinal aether waves) with pulsating “wave centres”, the basic units of matter. Radiation is not intrinsically a transverse wave but merely a pattern formed by modulation and interference of the phi-waves emitted by matter when it moves periodically. The theory conflicts with Einstein’s ideas regarding the aether, relativity and the existence of the photon, and also with some of Lorentz’, since it demands that, at least on the scale of the atom, the aether must move with solid bodies. It is fully consistent, though, with their ideas of local realism


    The Second Ring of Life; The Vesica Attractor
    by Christopher Humphrey


    Recently discovered fossil evidence has led this author to develop a new evolutionary model that suggest the following; Biological systems are formed around an attractor. This form developing though organizational stages from a point, cycle, torus representing mineral spheres, prokaryote cells, and finally to a complex body plan after the self reflexive "Gaia egg" (vesica attractor) is fertilized by a eukaryote of diverse genetic history. This dynamic represented by a preserved autonomous unit containing a microbial substrate integrated among layers of geometrically enfolded oolitic spheres. This configuration being constructed by and then internalizes cyclical wave pulses that induce a contained synergy that implodes into a higher amplitude autopoetic cycle. This implosion being the precursor to the cambrian explosion of complex life forms.

    To read entire manuscript;http://www.iscid.org/boards/ubb-get...6-t-000007.html [Broken]

    When I found this artifact I was a darwinist and had no knowledge of any major flaw in this theory. When it became apparent that this was an embryonic form that was in the prosses of self assembling from a totality of environmental components, my first reaction was that this was something completly out of sync with the natural order, a parallel evolution of sorts. It forced me to take another look at the fossil record of the early Cambrian. What I found in the text was that this represented a missing piece in organizational phases of the evolution of complex body plans, such as how shelled animals could have survived before developing shells. How eukary cells could come together to form a dynamic self sustaining system cooperatively without starving each other first, just by competing for energy in a contained space. The answers where provided before I had ask them.
    The elemental components formed around a logarithm.This geometry is expressed as the wave curls in on itself redirecting the linear flow into a circular one. Once the mico-environment had reached an energetic threshold, the archetypal components of the environment ( oolitic spheres, cyanobacterial filaments, eukaryote cells ) assemble into these spiraling patterns. The oolitic spheres and cyanobacterial filaments are rolled into a recursive, concentric contained form. This layered circular mass begins to act not only as an Architectural framwork, but also as a bridge, connecting fluid dynamics and a life support system for a self-organizing eukaryote system. Macro-dynamics construct and assemble the Micro-components, that intern capture and contain the Macro-dynamics.The wave pulse was the breath of life that the components formed around. I was cognitive of the answer but blissfully unaware of the question. Life, it turns out is based firstly on a flow of energy and secondly on the physical components contained in this flow, and this flow pattern is based on a logarithmic curve,or more well known as, The geometry of phi.

    They needed a circulatory system, that could be built and sustained all at once and crystallized into a cohesive whole.This is what this artifact is showing A frozen mid point in this self construction process

    "Waves of oscillation in open water, which is less than half their wavelength in depth, shape (by back and forth traction) the sediments on the floor into oscillation ripples. Under such conditions, in the marine environment in warm climatic zones, evaporation precipitates CaCO3 as aragonite on shifting particles. As these become coated, they grow, somewhat like rolling snowballs, into spheres called oolites. Once oolites have reached sand size, they can be easily redistributed by currents and so they travel as migrating submarine dunes or bars and come ultimately to rest, along with settling lime muds, in quieter water below the beveling level of the wave base."
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    rofl.. sounds like freemasonry at work to me.
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    You probably know more about that than I do, but you have me curious. What does this information have to do with freemasons?
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    This is over-speculative theory development.
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    I agree. Moved and locked.
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