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What if? (radio stations)

  1. Mar 29, 2009 #1
    Hi everyone, i am not so good at physics though i like it a lot and i have a few questions that i hope someone can answer. first i was thinking about radio stations, and i was making an analogy with a voltage source, say, i have a voltage source with many resistors connected in parallel, the more resistors i add the less current they have, so the question is what if i am transmiting a radio wave with a certain power, and i have x number of receivers, will the increase of receivers affect the power each one is receiving? and if the question were yes..is there a formula that relates the transmitting power with the number of receivers allowed?
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    No, of course not. No receiver has any effect on other receivers. It is conceivable that if one antenna is directly behind another, the first antenna could block the second but radio antennas are very thin and and radio waves will diffract to fill in behind one fairly quickly.
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    I was told (heresay) that an individual homeowner objected to the construction of a 1.5 MHz vertical AM antenna nearly in his back yard, and when it was built, constructed an antenna running from his attic to his basement, and redirected the signal of the first antenna. Is this possible?
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