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What if speed of light was Faster? Would TIME travel be prohibited?

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    A recent post of slower than normal speed of light brought to mind "what If" light speed was faster. C being a constant, if it increased say by 10x, would the sun output be a 100 fold increase?
    Also, it makes me question TIME travel. If one were to travel into the future, would there be a relationship to the speed of TIME (in this supposition, faster than normal speed of light), thereby causing the TIME traveler to incinerate?
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    Would time speed up if light did? I don't think so but it might seem that way. The light year would be longer, and the basic length of a four-vector in SR (squared) is [tex]c^2t^2 - x^2 - y^2 - z^2[/tex], so the time component of any force or momentum would be greater. I haven't thought enough to see all the implications. Think about [tex]e = mc^2[/tex]!
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