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What if there were no moon

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    No Moon :(

    What would happen to the Earth if suddenly Moon was gone?Except no more tides I can not think of something else.
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    I can think of something else.

    at present the earths axis is inclined around 23 degrees

    the moon helps keep this angle small

    if there were no moon then this tilt angle might slowly increase to 30 degrees, say, and then the changes of season would be more extreme, even harsh.

    Also your question is like asking "what would it be like if suddenly all the horses were gone, and women had no breasts?"

    it is a strange idea. a kind of anti-poem
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    If the moon disappeared, would we feel the effect immediately, or would we feel the effect more gradually?

    Some people think that gravitational differences can be sensed instantaneously.

    Some think that we would feel the effects at the speed of light.

    I personally think that it would take time for the gravitational field to re-orient and the effects would not be felt for even longer than those expected under speed-of-light scenarios. Perhaps LISA can help settle this.
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    It would be a disaster for marine life, many of which depend on tides for survival.
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    And all the moths in the world would get lost ;)
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    Did you guys watch "Time Machine " few years ago?
    When our hero went into the future, humans were mining Moon or something like that and caused moon to break in half and huge disaster followed on Earth.Cool :biggrin:
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