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What if we get the answer before anyone.

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    If I started a new thread (having a problem)
    And it gets solved by myself , before anyone posts in it,
    So what should be done at this time?

    Should i post that the problem or difficulty is solved?
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    Yes, post that you have solved it. Even better: edit the OP and put at the top that you have solved it. That way people will see this and won't waste their time :smile:
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    First consult a priest, then a philosopher, and finally a politician to insure you have actually solved the problem.
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    The first will tell you it's impossible, as only God can truly solve problems. The second will tell you the problem is solved as soon as you change your view of the world. The third will assure you they've either already solved the problem so you should vote for them, they will soon solve the problem so you should vote for them, and that the problem was solved by their opponent so please don't vote for the other guy.

    In reality, you will always have the problem until you solve it yourself.
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