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What if you try to suicide while pregnant?

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    If you do not succeed, would it be right to be judged guilty for trying to kill the baby? Why?
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    Interesting topic :smile: I am pregnant myself.

    According to the following link, a study concluded that women were at much lower risk for suicide while pregnant then those who were not. I would imagine that the risk would significanly increase once the baby is born (post-partum depression can be ugly). What the mother needs if she is suicidal while pregnant is help, not judgement and punishment.

    Lower risk of suicide during pregnancy
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    Maybe they would be just trying to beat the murderer to the punch? Since the number one cause of death in pregnant women is murder.

    Under current law, people are tried for murdering viable fetuses, as long as they are in someone else. I don't know about women who are carrying them, since the option of abortion is available to women, at least in early pregnancy.

    It would seem just another step to limit the rights of women, if that were legislated to be a murder attempt. I just watched The Sea Inside, which deals with assisted suicide for terminally ill or hopelessly incapacitated individuals, who wish for death.

    Mentally ill women, get pregnant all the time, it isn't against the law to be mentally ill, or pregnant if you are. It isn't against the law to be suicidal, only if you are successful. That is kind of like legislating against rain on Sunday.
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    While this is a true fact, the actual numbers of pregnant women dying from murder is really low compared to the number of unpregnant women murdered. The recent deaths of pregnant women-Laci P., Lori H., Bobbie Jo S. and the most heartbreaking to me, Lisa Underwood and her son Jayden have made huge media headlines lately. This has prompted more of an awareness of domestic abuse that so many are unaware of.
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    Haven't found anything on the books regarding whether or not a pregant suicide attempt can be charged with attempted murder (though I highly doubt it).
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    That would vary depending on what the views of people interpreting/making the law are towards the fetus (that sticky pro life/pro choice subject).

    I highly doubt it also, for the reason that whatever the view of the law makers is towards the fetus/baby they'd at least (I hope) determine that the person attemting the suicide needs some kind of intervention/help not punishment.
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    usualy when you attempt suicide anyway you arent sent to court, unless your trying to say you arent insane
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