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What is a block universe?

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    I'm 13, so I was reading Discover and I read something about a "block universe" and I thought it was a bunch of hogwash... here is how I see it... Time is the same for everybody its just how people perceive it that makes people think its an illusion... any feedback? Thanks!
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    Time is most certainly NOT the same for everyone. It's relative to the observer - it's all derived from Einstein's theory of special relativity.
    It's basically based on the fact that the speed of light is the same for everyone in a vacuum, and since speed is dependent on distance and time, distance and time must be different for different observers to ensure light moves with the same speed relative to everyone.
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    The "block universe" is an interpretation of special relativity; it is not the same as SR itself. The "block universe" can be false without making SR itself (including the relativity of time) false.
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    The block universe just refers to 4 dimensional spacetime. If you try to draw it you will notice your piece of paper has too few dimensions. So, drop one spatial dimension and draw a 2D plane for space. Draw time as the 3rd dimension using perspective and there you have it, the universe represented as a block.

    This is the same reason light cones are called cones when they are really hyperspheres.
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    Dear spacejunkie,
    thank u for the feedback... it helps a lot
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