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What is a broadband field?

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    Is broadband field, a wave that contains a range of wavelengths? I can not find a good definition for it
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    In what context is the term “broadband field” used?
    Broadband is a wide bandwidth or wide variation in frequency. Field might mean electromagnetic field.
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    In a far field imaging system
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    Broadband 3D imaging can be done with EM radiation from VLF to X-ray, or with acoustic signals from subsonic seismic imaging through to ultrasonic examination of materials.

    “Broadband field” may refer to the 3D volume that is being imaged using a broadband signal.

    As the bandwidth of the radiation increases, so does the volume of the imaged 3D field.

    Can you provide text or a link to an example of the use of "broadband field".
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    Please read the abstract, A finite-sized ultrathin metallic slab is used to encode subwavelength details of the broadband field radiated by an object.

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