What is a context conflict?

  1. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    My professor put this on one of his tests and we spent some time emailing back and forth about what it is. From what he tells me this is basically a situation with a word problem where there is an incorrect value (basically the author made a mistake).

    2. Relevant equations

    Is that the correct definition?
    Why are we taught this?
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    Perhaps a "context conflict" is the same thing as a "sticky wicket". Seriously, I would say that it is a statement that can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context. An example would be the statement "He ran out of gas". It could mean that his gas tank in his car has gone empty. Or it could mean that he only got half the roof shingled because he is tired.
  4. I had similar thoughts about it. Any thoughts as to why this is now part of the calculus cirriculum?
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    You mean there is a section of your book with the title "context conflict"? That's a new one for me. Or is it just a term your professor uses informally?
  6. It is now part of the calculus cirriculum at my school. A panel of professors and regular staff make decisions about what to change and context conflict is one of many new additions.

    And no this is not in my text, that is not a part of the panels criteria for these decisions.

    There is now more emphasis on memorizing definitions vs working problems. I was told by one of the Professors from math club that many of the people hired for this panel do not have a mathematics background; I used to find that hard to believe.
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    Change schools if you can!

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    Very good question, especially in light of your later post in this thread, where you say that memorization is emphasized, and working problems is de-emphasized.

    I think Ray might be onto something in his advice.
  9. I think I am going to drop this course and work calculus by the book, guess this means I will need more help from the forum. Thank you for the replies.
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    So is your professor actually covering "context conflict"? It sounds like a "subject" that could be easily ignored by anyone actually teaching the course.
  11. I was told the testing is now under the panels control and is becoming the standard for most classes. As I understand, from my teachers, the school uses this as a backdoor to micromanage classrooms, they have no choice but to teach this new 'material' or students will fail the classes.

    I'm okay, to a certain extent, of having standardized testing however it doesn't make sense to employ people with little mathematics background to decide what should be covered in calculus, discrete mathematics, 092 math, or any other math class.

    I have been helping my brother who just started going back too, he is in 092 math, his testing is focused on definitions of rules for things like inequalities with little to no working out problems. He has the rules memorized but little understanding of how to actually work the problems.

    As I see it the Professors are not in a position to argue as many are lucky just to have a position in the first place. This isn't how a school should be run.
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    I am curious what school you are talking about.
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