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What is a gas mask good for

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    Im curious if a us military issue gas mask would block radioactive particles from entering your body. Also what biological weapons would it protect you against, which would it not.
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    Their pretty good for when you're sawing wood on the table saw or the mitre saw. Keeps the wood dust out of your lungs.
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    heh, Korea II: The new dining room table
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    With no intention of being rude, could i get a serious answer please.
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    With the right cartridge they should offer you protection from most chemical and biological agents.....Although I would not recommend you test them...

    I suppose they would also prevent certain particles from being inhaled but beyond that I don't see how they could offer you any protection from radiation.
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    They'd stop you from inhaling fine particles of an alpha-emitter.
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    How, rachmoninoff? How do they manage to filter particles smaller than oxygen molecules, which they must let in? You know what, never mind. You're talking about radioactive debris that emits alpha particles, not the particles themselves right?
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    I've been told that gas masks contain highly poreous filter material, traditionally carbon. This filters out micro particles and gasses of more complex structure. So radioactive particle are filtered out which remains behind in the container. It allows simple gasses to pass like air and also the highly poisonous carbon monoxide, therefore this type of protection mask is not suitable for fire fighters who have to deal with that.
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    Of course they will only protect you from inhalation hazards. In the case of exposure to radioactive materials, inhalation is not the only concern.

    In order to be effective, a gas mask also has to be custom fit for the user to have a tight seal around your face, or else it will be useless (no facial hair allowed either).

    Here's some info on the different types of filters used for different purposes.
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    Make sure and get the blue filters. They're the bestest!

    :yuck: :tongue2:
    . :rofl:
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    Yeah, there is small medium and large....what size fits? :rofl:
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    Jeez seems kinda pointless. good for 5 hours, but if particles are concentrated maybe only ten minutes? what good is that gonna do.
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    Hmm, that doesn't make any sense if true. Weren't gas masks originally designed to protect against chemical weapons used during WWI? One of those was simple chlorine, which is a molecule only slightly larger than oxygen.
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    That's what I meant, alpha-emitting dust particles, not the alphas themselves. AFAIK that's about the only real health thread of alpha emitters; they get inhaled and they ionize stuff internally.
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    While they are still issued for emergancy use I think, as far as I know they are generally used when infiltrating and using tear gas on a target. That and Cyber Goth Fashion statements...
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