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What is a genome?

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    In your opinion, do you think it is safe or dangerous to share genome data? What are the advantages and disadvantages of sharing genome data? Looking forward to your replies..Thank you.. :shy:
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    Since there is an enormous amount of information, this project needs to be a trully international effort. Pharmacologists can use this data to design drugs and prolong, create, or help sustain life

    some mad scientist anywhere in the world could do research based on this data and further explore the field and publish his findings for a greater good of humanity

    same mad scientist can patent a genetic cure from cancer and hike up the prices (although intellectual property is essential for breakthroughs in sciences, etc). or in our day and age, some terrorist can design a trully incurable virus and cause world-wide pandemic
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    In my opinion, information itself is never inherently good or bad.

    - Warren
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    Thank you very much to the both of you.. :smile:
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